CNC Composite Mold for aircraft

Although Finer is primarily focused on cabinets and furniture some equipment is so flexible it can be used for a jobs not necessarily expected from a cabinet shop.  Carbon fiber and Fiberglass manufacturing is generally limited to expensive tooling and long lead-times, however at Finer Cabinetry since our focus isn't on composite tooling we are able to provide services to other industries at reasonable costs and lead-times. Here is an example of a plug (the very start of composite part manufacturing).  This was machined from High Density Fiber board for stability and was intricately carved using our Komo router which can hold accuracy to +/- 0.005".  For comparison, a human hair is 0.004" thick.

This part will go on to have a sealer coat sprayed over the top and then highly polished to a mirror shine with 5-6 coats of wax.  After which, the epoxy impregnated fiberglass or carbon fiber will be laid over the top and vacuum-bagged to provide even, high pressure over the extents of the part while it cures at room temperature.  When done the part (mold) will be separated from the wooden plug so that the mold can be used to make production fiberglass or carbon fiber parts for the real aircraft.